Thursday, December 2, 2010

Travel Re-cap: Oh Mongolia how you torture me

Welcome to Mongolia!

Dealing with Visa's in China is a pain in the ass. The last visa I had, required me to leave China every 90 days and that day always crept out of the blue. The easiest and cheapest way to exit is to Mongolia. $100 covers transportation and food. I went to Mongolia a total of 5 times, the first time by myself. That first time, Chris helped me buy a bus ticket and told me "look for the rainbow and when you find it you're in Mongolia. Good luck and don't get lost or stolen!". Not being able to speak Chinese and looking for a huge rainbow to signify my arrival was quit exhausting and stressful. I thought I was going to be led into an alley and sold into the sex trade. But that didn't happen. I have to say that I actually do like Mongolia because of the blue skies, one of my favorite restaurants, being able to see the stars, and the people are very kind.

 My only guide in my trek to Mongolia, also worked as communications with the Mongolians. For some reason my Mongolian jeep driver decided it was necessary for me to know animal names.

  Once you find this massive Rainbow, you know you're almost in Mongolia.

 The sleeper bus will take you to the Mongolian/Chinese border town in 12 hours, and no the TV doesn't work (a lot of things in China are for show).

 Minor detail, you can't walk into Mongolia. You have to hire one of these jeeps to take you across the border.
China's version of a truck stop without the convenience and a whole different degree of self service.

Random Power plant in the middle of no where.

After that first trip, I was always accompanied by Chris and our friend Brian. We picked up many foreigners on their way to Beijing and had fun meeting people from Italy, Mexico, UK, and I think there was a Spanish guy we met as well.

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