Friday, December 3, 2010

Travel Re-Cap: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Welcome to Inner Mongolia!

Visiting Inner Mongolia was probably one of my favorite China trips. While there, we hung out with our friend Sina who is intellectually intriguing and interesting. It was nice getting away from the craziness, loudness, and dirtiness of Beijing.

 Brian inspecting the elephant from all angles.
"Buddha Belly" for some reason Chinese men like to walk around with their shirts up.
Major chinglish, we found this shirt while in a random clothing market.
This guy was hanging out next to his moving home parked next to a random Jenny Lous (import food store).
This museum was pretty cool and modern for being in the middle of Inner Mongolia.
We rode a bus to the grasslands to ride Mongolian horses. Brian was like a movie star and had a mini photo shoot with some locals. When we arrived, we were greeted by this sheep head lying on the ground.

I was expecting Mongolian horses to be Stallions but I was disappointed when I found that they are more like ponies. I thought Brian was going to break his horses back because his pony was super small.

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