Thursday, December 2, 2010

Travel Re-Cap: Bei Dai Hu

Welcome to Bei dai he!

Bei dai he is the nearest coastal city to Beijing, about 6 hours by car or 2 hours by fast train (dongche). It is saturated with Russians and their super heavy food. Luckily we had Olga with us because she translated all the menus for us. We literally ate at the same restaurant over and over because of their scrumptious beer, which is why we were there threes times a day. In Beijing, the beer is really lite and not very good, so it was nice bumping into cheap dark beer.

 We bought our train tickets late and weren't able to get sitting tickets. So I made my own little place inside the luggage storage.

 Poor animals and go carts at the wild life reserve. Such a sad place.

 We stole a picture of this guys snake. He wanted us to pay him for pictures but we refused.
 Travel buddies. Me, Chris, Yassine (my roommate), and Olga

 Fake Hiking

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