Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chinese New Year: Round one- the city is going to explode! 2010

A lot of what I have been posting has been from over the last year. Since China blocked facebook and every other social networking site I wasn't able to share my experiences. Last Chinese New Year, we celebrated the holiday with our friend Cindy at her grandparents home.

Cindy's grandpa was so cute. Apparently he is the chief of the house and prepared our entire Chinese New Year feast!
                  Me, Chris, Cindy, and her grandparents.                      Always being silly

Chinese New Years was cool the first day but I couldn't stand 2 weeks of non stop fireworks. After the third day I was fed up with the non stop noise and smoke. I am going to have to vacate the country before this Chinese New Year. Oh yeah, it's my year, the year of the tiger. According to tradition, if I don't do anything successful this year I am going to be a failure the rest of my life.

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  1. looks tasty and fun... was wondering if he is the chef of the house or chief, either one would be intriguing